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The Advantages of Lumasigns


Exit signs and Photoluminescent lighting provide an alternative solution to traditional internally lit emergency lighting signs. Lumasign based in Sydney offer a compliant alternative without the more complicated and failure-prone battery backup system required by traditional designs, whether they are Fluorescent or LED, meaning that exit light sign failures will be an issue of the past. In addition to eliminating expensive replacements or repairs for exit signage failures, Lumasigns also save on energy and maintenance and come with a 15 year guarantee. For more information on our emergency lighting products enquire online today or call us (02) 9533 9211.


Save On Replacement and Maintenance Costs

Save huge on replacement costs! Lumasign PL sign kits do not contain battery backup systems. So No Replacement Costs and low Power Consumption.


Certified To Meet All Compliance Standards

Tested and Approved By NATA approved Australian Laboratory, NSW Fair Trading and Meets all relevant compliance standards.


Highest Quality Photo Luminescent Material

We are dedicated to provide you quality and our products come with a 15 year Guarantee!

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