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Lumasign Photoluminescent Emergency Exit Signs have tremendous advantages over traditional battery based signs.


  • Warranty 15 year product warranty on PL sign, 5 year product warranty on illuminating bracket
  • Meets all BCA requirements – Tested and approved by NATA approved Australian Laboratory
  • Meets all Electrical safety requirements – Assessed and approved NSW Fair Trading
  • Meets all relevant compliance standards 16M & 24M versions available

Energy Savings Rebate

By upgrading your existing Exit Signs with Photoluminescent emergency lighting signs you will be saving energy and as a result are potentially eligible for energy savings certificate (ESC) creation under the ESS.
Lumasign has partnered with accredited certficate providers (ACP) in the ESS, and will create ESCs as part of any upgrade where eligible.
This means that a point of sale discount is avhievable by creating the ESCs and ensures that the maximum possible value is provided to the client by the upgrade.
    • Save huge on replacement costs! Its common knowledge that the biggest money sink in Exit Signs is the fact that replacing emergency equipment is costly. This is because the battery backup system contained within emergency lights and exit signs. Lumasign PL sign kits do not contain battery backup systems. The technology substitutes the function performed by the battery with the photo luminescent sign. In an emergency situation when the power cuts, traditionally a battery turns on and powers the exit sign to glow. In the case of a PL sign, the sign simply glows by virtue of its technology.
    • Minimal points of Failure Traditional Exit signs have multiple points of failure – Lamp, control gear (ballast for fluoro,
      driver for LED), inverter (sometimes part of control gear), batteryLumasign PL Signs have fewer – LED Lamp, LED Driver

      The reason emergency equipment is so expensive to replace is the battery and inverter technology. Lumasign
      PL signs do not rely on this and thus the most expensive component does not exist in a PL sign! In addition,
      any component can be replaced on a Lumasign PL sign but comfortingly there is 15 years warranty on the sign
      and 5 years on the illuminating bracket.

    • More energy efficient See below power used and costs to run 1x sign of each type per year:
Traditional Fluoro 10W tube = 16W-20W power used $30.00-35.00 p.a.¹
LED Exit sign = 3-4W power used $6.50-8.70 p.a.¹
PL Sign = 0-2W power used $0.00-$4.30 p.a.¹,²

¹ based on $0.25 tariff. All figures approximate.

² additional lighting may be required but can be as little as 2W used.

  • Simplified Fire safety inspections PL signs do not contain batteries and therefore do not require time
    consuming discharge or power supply disruption tests. In addition, they aren’t fluorescent and do not require
    tube checking.

In the case of a Lumasign PL sign kit a simple visual inspection that the bracket light is on and the sign’s clean is all that is required.