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Lumasign Photoluminescent Solutions

There are several key compliance requirements that apply specifically to Photoluminescent Exit signs that have all been tested and satisfied where applicable. In the case of exit sign system design, Lumasign ensures that all signs installed by us are installed in a code compliant manner.

Electrical Safety

Lumasign products meet all Australian Safety requirements and have been issued safety certificates for electrical articles by Fair trading where required.

BCA requirements

The BCA requires that a emergency exit sign have its photoluminescent material to ensure the brightness meets the minimum requirements of 30 mcd / m² after 90 minutes. All Lumasign photoluminescent material used in its products exceed this requirement at 49 mcd / m² after 90 minutes. This has been tested by an Australian NATA approved lab.

The BCA also requires that for any installed PL sign that 100 lux be present on the face of the sign at all times. Lumasign installations ensure this is the case from dedicated light sources or where used, Lumasign illuminating brackets are designed to provide this automatically on any partner sign they are mounted with.

AS2293 standard requirements

This standard details the design and formatting criteria of a PL sign. Lumasign PL signs have been tested by an Australian NATA approved lab to satisfy this requirement.